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I Just wanted to thank you

I just wanted to thank you for all of your work – particularly for your tenacity.

You have made divorce an almost humour0us experience at times !

Life is 100% better now than when i first came to see you.

Thank you.

Thank You !

Thank you for all your help !

Thank you for all your help and support in getting me through this awful time!

I would recomend you to anyone who needs a Family Lawyer.

Kindest regards



Thank you

Divorce & matrimonial financial settlement.

Susan recently represented me through my divorce & matrimonial financial settlement.
When I embarked on this journey I had no idea how lengthy the whole process could  be, nor did I realise the scale of the immense emotional & physical stress that is endured. 
I couldn’t have got through this particularly difficult time without the support that I received from Susan. She understands that divorce is an emotional as well as a legal process & was very supportive. I found Susan empathised & identified with my own set of circumstances. Susan provided a professional friendly & factual service.  She has a sensible & pragmatic approach. 
I felt very comfortable in her company & confident in her abilities. I would thoroughly recommend Susan Jubb Family Law to anyone needing assistance with family law.
Thank you so much for all your hard work, determination and professionalism & achieving the results you did’
Financial settlement

To Blog or not to Blog. That is the question ?

I am told that blogging increases rankings on Google which is apparently all important in these click and go cyber times.  I have also been provided with a blog page to fill which has been called ‘Susan’s thoughts’.  Clever!  If I do not blog it looks like I have no thoughts. Not impressive in my line of work. So I have two choices.  I could simply change the title of the page or I could try blogging.

What to blog about?  What have I got to say that might be interesting or helpful?  What I write surely has to be my personal take on something.  There is a mass of factual information on the internet already and much of it is good. What’s the point of simply repeating that ?  I will soon be bored and the blog will come to a halt with no doubt an attendant drop in the apparently all important Google rankings.  It also seems disingenuous to just cut and paste without putting some effort in.

My specialism is family law so I have an obvious subject matter. I am also blogging on my website which is designed to give people going through relationship breakdown an idea of what instructing my firm means in terms of the work we do and the service we offer.  So, having given the question of blogging some thought and moaned a bit about the whole blogging thing I have decided that I shall apply my thoughts to random aspects of family law and possibly some other matters that those going through relationship breakdown might just find interesting.

I shall welcome feedback as this might help with inspiration and subject matter although too much negative feedback might just bring a sharp retort and a swift end to the whole blogging process. Or maybe not !  We divorce lawyers need a rhino hide or we wouldn’t last long in the job. I recall a colleague being referred to in correspondence as a human pig on legs by the party on the other side of a case. I was rather jealous at the time as an indicator of a good job being done in a contentious case can often be judged by the level of insult coming from an unrepresented party on the other side!  Or, just sometimes, from the vitriol of the instructed solicitor.

I digress already. Perhaps I might enjoy this blogging. Time will tell I expect but for now I shall be making a diary note to write and trying to work out when I might actually fit it in to my already busy working life.

Doncaster Divorce Lawyer


I couldn’t have managed without Susan…..

I couldn’t have managed without Susan , she is truly a cut above in her profession


thank you

Most of all though I will never be able to thank you enough for enabling me to re-establish a  loving and meaningful relationship with my daughter and spend precious lost time with her…………..”

Thank You !