Useful Resources

We think knowledge is a good thing !  We find some clients like to read around and others do not. For those who do we have set out below some websites which may be interesting to you although we urge you to read these mindful that all cases are different and our advice is that you consult a solicitor who can put your reading into the context of your particular case for you.

We are sure you will understand that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the reading material and websites below.

All opinions stated are our own. 

This is the government site for public services which contains the following :

Child Maintenance

You will find information on this site about child maintenance including family-based arrangements and payments through the CSA in the ‘Parents’ section. There is also a child maintenance calculator which can give you an indication of the amount you may pay or you may receive.


There is a fair amount of factual information about divorce on this website which may be helpful in understanding the divorce process although we take issue with the section about divorcing without solicitors. This is of course possible but in our experience this can result in a divorce and financial settlement being more costly than it needed to be had legal advice been taken from a solicitor at the outset. There is also the possibility of a client prejudicing their outcome by acting alone without taking early advice from a solicitor. Costs can be saved in cases and our policy is to give clients the opportunity to do as much as we can on their case without prejudicing themselves if the client prefers this in order to save costs. We find most clients do !


The ‘Advice for Parents’ section has some helpful reading for parents who are divorcing or separating. The ‘Useful Resources’ page has plenty of resources for further reading.

General information

There are many general information sites to be found on the internet and the quality of the content varies enormously. This seems to be a well written site with plenty of information about the various aspects of relationship breakdown both emotional and legal. Our issue with this site is that we suspect solicitors have to pay for the privilege of being listed in the directory of recommended solicitors but this is an issue for us not you !