I finally found a Solicitor…

Dear Susan,

Just a few lines to say how pleased I am that I finally found a Solicitor  who is helpful, down to earth and easy to talk to, in other words human !

After a number of fractious experiences with other Solicitors I was feeling very stressed about my situation but you made things seem better straight away,  by making me feel you were there help,  almost like a knowledgable friend rather than the usual typeswho talk down to you !

Amazingly, we have finaly got things sorted, in a very short time, after over 2 years of dragging things out with other Solicitors……Phew !

I appreciate your kindness and proactive approach and if  I hear of any other poor soul who is unfortunate enough to be starting divorce proceedings I will certainly recomend that they come straight to you !

Honestly, if more Solicitors were like you they would not seem so scary or have such a bad reputation

Thank you !

Kind regards

Carole Calvert

Solicitor, Doncaster


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I Just wanted to thank you

I just wanted to thank you for all of your work – particularly for your tenacity.

You have made divorce an almost humour0us experience at times !

Life is 100% better now than when i first came to see you.

Thank you.

Thank You !

Thank you for all your help !

Thank you for all your help and support in getting me through this awful time!

I would recomend you to anyone who needs a Family Lawyer.

Kindest regards



Thank you

The Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR Hearing)

The Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR Hearing) comes after the First Appointment Hearing and before the Final Hearing. 

The purpose of the FDR Hearing is for a divorcing couple to try to settle their finances by agreement.

At the FDR Hearing your legal representative puts forward your case and assists the Judge with any queries the Judge may have. You do not speak at the Hearing.  After this the Judge gives an indication of how he or she might decide your case if this was your Final Hearing and you then leave the courtroom for negotiations. The Judge cannot then hear your Final Hearing.

Between your First Appointment Hearing and your FDR Hearing your solicitor is likely to have a lot of work to do to ensure your case is ready for the FDR Hearing so that the Judge will be in a position to give an indication.

In some cases there is little prospect of an agreement being reached for various reasons. Your case is unique and your solicitor is really the only person who can properly advise you on your case. My focus is simply on your role and what you can do to prepare.

It is important that you respond promptly to any requests from your solicitor for information even if your FDR Hearing seems a long way off. The information may seem unnecessary or it may be difficult to secure but you need to respond as promptly as you can. There will be a good reason why you have been asked for the information. You can of course ask for the reason if you are not sure !

At the FDR Hearing you have a crucial role to play in terms of proposals that are made and settlement decisions as ultimately only you can make these. You need to be ‘thinking straight’. This can be difficult to achieve on the day when you may also be feeling stressed and it is worth considering what might help you with this.in advance of the FDR Hearing and prepare yourself accordingly.  

It is sensible to keep your diary clear for the FDR Hearing. If you have an appointment or perhaps children to collect then, if negotiations are protracted, you may find it stressful if time seems to be running out. Negotiations are usually protracted when there is a real prospect of agreement so in these circumstances it can be worth staying longer at Court than may have been planned for.   

It is not a sign of dependency or weakness to bring someone to be with you outside the courtroom. You may have to make a decision on an agreement fairly quickly in comparison to the time you will spend afterwards living with it. It is highly unlikely you will later be able to change your mind about any agreement you reach and you may find it comforting therefore to be able to consult with someone who knows you well and whose judgement you trust generally in life. The right person can also play a useful role if you feel stressed providing they are a calming influence of course !

Your mobile may be useful.  If you are on the brink of making a final decision you may want to call a friend or relative to discuss this, particularly if you have come on your own. Your mobile may also prove useful as there can be lengthy periods of time when you may be on your own in a bare room when your legal representative is off negotiating on your behalf.

The decisions you face at the FDR Hearing invariably involve figures and you may find it useful to have a pen, paper and a calculator with you if you wish to check figures or do your own calculations.

If you reach an agreement it is likely that you will both have had to make compromises to reach the agreement and both of you may feel you could have done better. You are unlikely to feel ecstatic but hopefully you will at least feel some sense of relief. You may wonder how on earth you got this far and question why you did not reach an agreement long before. You may feel a bit sad. This is all normal. In addition, it is worth bearing in mind that you may well feel the same after the next Hearing, the Final Hearing, when a Judge has decided your financial settlement for you and when your costs would be significantly higher.

Financial Dispute Resolution


A Friend Recommended I use Susan Jubb

A friend recommended I use Susan Jubb of  www.sjfl.co.uk  for my divorce, so I switched from my previous solicitor. 

I was never disappointed or regretted this decision, In Fact It was the best decision I made !

Susan is straight talking, factual, and gives you an objective opinion from all angles for you to consider before making a decision, something that I found priceless whilst going through the emotional roller coaster of a painful messy divorce.  She kept me focused and grounded, yet was immensely sensitive and compassionate to my feelings, no matter how irrational they became!

Susan was always available to speak to, and her strong commitment made me feel like she really understood me and genuinely cared. I had no hesitations in asking any questions and my confidence in her was quickly established.

Susan accompanied me to Court and i could not have asked for better support with me on that day. Her contacts ensured my barrister was excellent in arguing my case, approachable and friendly.

After care was just as excellent, Susan helped me to sort out my mortgage and life insurance through her contacts, and continually kept in touch to ensure i was doing OK or if there was any further help i needed to establish myself again.

Susan not only guided me through the legal minefield and completed my divorce, she also, through our conversations, helped me to realize that there was going to be a final end to this emotional roller coaster  and my life was going to start a new exciting chapter, to embrace it and smile and laugh again!

Should you ever need the Services of a family Solicitor then I have no hesitation in recommending Susan Jubb Family law Ltd.

a friend recomended


I couldn’t have managed without Susan…..

I couldn’t have managed without Susan , she is truly a cut above in her profession


Hearings, First Appointment…

If you apply to the Court to progress a financial settlement there will be Hearings, the first of which being the aptly named ‘First Appointment’.
The purpose of the First Appointment, in simple form, is for a Judge to decide what needs doing so that all information needed to decide the case will be available for negotiations at the next Hearing. For example, if the parties cannot agree a property value the Judge may order a valuation.
There is more to say but my focus is not on the purpose of the First Appointment. There is plenty of information on the Internet already. My focus is on concerns you may have.
Much of what happens may go over your head at the First Appointment. This is not a patronising comment as I recall attending this Hearing as a note taking trainee many years ago and finding the Hearing difficult to follow.
The pace can be fast with the Judge and legal representatives conversing in their own language much of the time which can make it difficult to follow. There is also the stress that you might be feeling which is not conducive to a clear head.
Clients often tell me they slept badly the night before the Hearing. Why? I find this is not often about their case but other matters such as what may be said to the Judge about them and whether they may have to sayanything. There can be worries about seeing an ex-partner whom they may not have seen for a while. There may be the simple fear of the unknown. Court is often understood as a place where criminals are tried and TV drama doesn’t help.
Some worry about what to wear. The professionals involved invariably wear suits. My advice is that you wear something you feel comfortable in. I should perhaps add casual smart as I recall the client who turned up at Court in a string vest. The Judge made no comment but this was possibly a step too far in the comfortable department !
The Hearing should be without mud-slinging. The talking is done by the Judge and legal representatives.  The Judge is rarely, if ever, interested in hearing about ‘bad’ behaviour if it is not relevant to the case which it mostly isn’t. Nevertheless, not all legal representatives can resist a snipe, perhaps to give their client the perception that their representative has somehow ‘won’. When this happens the other legal representative is faced with the difficult choice of responding in kind or remaining professional and risking their client perceiving some sort of ‘weakness’ or ‘losing’.
Seeing an ex- partner can be difficult. You usually sit out of sight of each other before and after the Hearing. During the Hearing you may or may not sit in a position where eye contact is possible. Where eye contact is possible it is not unknown for the Judge to tell one party to stop eyeballing the other across the room, so staring is not a good idea.
The fear of the unknown may cause worry although after the Hearing parties often wonder what they had been so worried about. For some the Hearing feels an anti-climax. There is no ‘day in Court’ at the First Appointment. The issues that may be important to you and the hurtful behaviour by your ex-partner may not have been mentioned at all.
For all the worry it may cause, the First Appointment arguably serves a useful purpose in addition to its real purpose. It can get some worries out of the way which is important as you will need a clear head for the next Hearing (the Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing).

fantastic divorce lawyer

A fantastic divorce lawyer without whom I doubt I could have survived the last 12 months and maintained my sanity…..”

Fantastic divorce lawyer

thank you

Most of all though I will never be able to thank you enough for enabling me to re-establish a  loving and meaningful relationship with my daughter and spend precious lost time with her…………..”

Thank You !