I thought …

I thought it would be easy to write a testimonial but I think my brain has already gone into coping mode and is closing the lid on the last 3+ years and it’s actually harder to want to think about it again than I thought.

Anyway here goes…..

Susan without doubt has been my saviour this last few years. As we come to now closing the file on my divorce and financial separation, it’s hard to believe everything we’ve both been through.

I say both because Susan is not your average lawyer and you rarely would find such a wonderful lady in the legal world I’m absolutely sure of that. Susan is with you every step of the way, she’s down to earth, a total professional, so hardworking and helps bring a smile and laughter to an extremely difficult situation. She’s a kick ass lady who I believe you need and want on your side. I saw other so called solicitors prior to Susan and was told there was no hope and that I was not entitled to anything.

Thankfully a judge said different and a family member introduced me to Susan. A day I thank my lucky stars for over and over again as the situation could have been so different.  Not only did Susan put faith back in me but she gave me my life and sanity back at one of the worst times of my life.

Susan cares!! She’s passionate about helping and getting you the right result. In court She is a force to be reckoned with and you need her on your side.

Without Susan I would be penniless, homeless and in debt, whereas as now I have been able to get my life and independence back on track.

It’s very hard to put into words how much time, effort support and strength Susan brings. I regard her a friend, she’s a diamond and nothing less.


Thank you to Susan and Rick  for everything, carry on doing what your doing. Xx


I finally found a Solicitor…

Dear Susan,

Just a few lines to say how pleased I am that I finally found a Solicitor  who is helpful, down to earth and easy to talk to, in other words human !

After a number of fractious experiences with other Solicitors I was feeling very stressed about my situation but you made things seem better straight away,  by making me feel you were there help,  almost like a knowledgable friend rather than the usual typeswho talk down to you !

Amazingly, we have finaly got things sorted, in a very short time, after over 2 years of dragging things out with other Solicitors……Phew !

I appreciate your kindness and proactive approach and if  I hear of any other poor soul who is unfortunate enough to be starting divorce proceedings I will certainly recomend that they come straight to you !

Honestly, if more Solicitors were like you they would not seem so scary or have such a bad reputation

Thank you !

Kind regards

Carole Calvert

Solicitor, Doncaster


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I Just wanted to thank you

I just wanted to thank you for all of your work – particularly for your tenacity.

You have made divorce an almost humour0us experience at times !

Life is 100% better now than when i first came to see you.

Thank you.

Thank You !

Thank you for all your help !

Thank you for all your help and support in getting me through this awful time!

I would recomend you to anyone who needs a Family Lawyer.

Kindest regards



Thank you

What a fantastic Solicitor you are ……

What a fantastic Solicitor you are  ……

Cant sing your praises enough ….

You gave our family not only amazing support but peace of mind at a very stressful time ….thank you  x

What a fantastic Solicitor

Divorce & matrimonial financial settlement.

Susan recently represented me through my divorce & matrimonial financial settlement.
When I embarked on this journey I had no idea how lengthy the whole process could  be, nor did I realise the scale of the immense emotional & physical stress that is endured. 
I couldn’t have got through this particularly difficult time without the support that I received from Susan. She understands that divorce is an emotional as well as a legal process & was very supportive. I found Susan empathised & identified with my own set of circumstances. Susan provided a professional friendly & factual service.  She has a sensible & pragmatic approach. 
I felt very comfortable in her company & confident in her abilities. I would thoroughly recommend Susan Jubb Family Law to anyone needing assistance with family law.
Thank you so much for all your hard work, determination and professionalism & achieving the results you did’
Financial settlement

A Friend Recommended I use Susan Jubb

A friend recommended I use Susan Jubb of  www.sjfl.co.uk  for my divorce, so I switched from my previous solicitor. 

I was never disappointed or regretted this decision, In Fact It was the best decision I made !

Susan is straight talking, factual, and gives you an objective opinion from all angles for you to consider before making a decision, something that I found priceless whilst going through the emotional roller coaster of a painful messy divorce.  She kept me focused and grounded, yet was immensely sensitive and compassionate to my feelings, no matter how irrational they became!

Susan was always available to speak to, and her strong commitment made me feel like she really understood me and genuinely cared. I had no hesitations in asking any questions and my confidence in her was quickly established.

Susan accompanied me to Court and i could not have asked for better support with me on that day. Her contacts ensured my barrister was excellent in arguing my case, approachable and friendly.

After care was just as excellent, Susan helped me to sort out my mortgage and life insurance through her contacts, and continually kept in touch to ensure i was doing OK or if there was any further help i needed to establish myself again.

Susan not only guided me through the legal minefield and completed my divorce, she also, through our conversations, helped me to realize that there was going to be a final end to this emotional roller coaster  and my life was going to start a new exciting chapter, to embrace it and smile and laugh again!

Should you ever need the Services of a family Solicitor then I have no hesitation in recommending Susan Jubb Family law Ltd.

a friend recomended


Great service, very friendly……..


Great service, very friendly and very professional. Will take the worries away.

great service


I couldn’t have managed without Susan…..

I couldn’t have managed without Susan , she is truly a cut above in her profession